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Wells Fargo & Wachovia

Did you receive a letter in the mail from us regarding a short sale program that you qualify for? McBride Kelly & Associates Realty has partnered with Wells Fargo, World Savings, and Wachovia, to help homeowners who currently owe more than their home is worth. Certain types of these loans qualify for the below assistance:

  • Short Sale home without a deficiency
  • Moving expense compensation
  • Short Sale home without any expense to you
  • Short Sale with or without being behind on your mortgage
  • Primary residences, investment properties, & 2nd homes

Why was your home selected?

Certain loans have been classified as higher-risk loans as a result of: dropping property values, negative amortization, balloon loan, etc. Banks want to be proactive in assisting these homeowners who may run the risk of future default on these types of loans.

Do I have to be behind on my mortgage to qualify?

No. If your loan qualifies, you will not have to be behind on your mortgage. 

What if I have two mortgages?

We will negotiate a payoff with your second mortgage in order to have both released at closing. Second mortgages are common in this program and we are trained to handle them accordingly.

Will the bank come after me for a deficiency after the closing?

This type of short sale approval includes a deficiency waiver. The lender will not seek future damages from the customer.

How much documentation is required?

It varies from loan to loan, but overall it is very light. 

How long does the process take?

Since they have already been selected by the lender, it can take as little as 30-45 days.\

What type of compensation or moving expense is covered?

It varies, but up to $5,000.

How do I get started?

Contact us today and we will setup a private interview at your convenience to discuss your options!

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